Eyesofabeliever.com has launched!!!!

Great news! The Eyes of a Believer blog will now be @ www.eyesofabeliever.com Be sure to mark it in your favorites and visit frequently.  My plan is to post daily and to broaden the topics that I write about.

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Worship is NOT for YOU… Or ME…

I often wonder why people who call themselves Christians refuse to attend weekly worship service at church.  I think it may be a misunderstanding on what a worship service is. Let’s face it, much of the American Church is consumer driven.  What can I get out of this service?  What can this church do for [...]

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Book Review – “Communicating For A Change” by Andy Stanley & Lane Jones

Andy Stanley and Lane Jones present a unique and practical way of looking at preaching.  The book starts out with a parable illustrating the points that Stanley will later go into more depth on.  The story is of a struggling pastor trying to keep his congregation’s attention.  Ray, the pastor, realizes he needs to change [...]

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Interview With T.A.G. – Christian Rapper

It’s my privilege to give you the opportunity to get to know my good friend T.A.G. T.A.G. stands for “Totally Against Grain”, it’s pronounced ‘tag’. I hope you enjoy this interview.  You’ll get a glimpse into the life of a true man of God who is using his God-given talents to make a difference in [...]

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When I First Started Feeling Passionate About God

I remember the day…  I don’t remember the date, but I remember the day.  I had recently started attending Cedar Creek Church of Christ.  My now wife and I were getting involved in their ABF (Adult Bible Fellowship) for young married couples.  I don’t really remember what the lesson was about that day but I [...]

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Exegetical Treatment: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Jeremiah presented a message to the Jews that was full of warning and hope.  Upon observation of Jeremiah 31:31-34 one can see the significance of this passage.  The Lord is speaking through Jeremiah here.  The message is one of present and future importance.  In verse 31 and on the Lord makes it known that He [...]

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Politics… Gay Marriage… Abortion…

Okay, I want to keep this short and to the point. I like to listen to talk radio… I’m not really sure why because most times it is the same type of discourse. Liberals are trying to ruin “America” and conservatives are never/hardly ever wrong… I usually find myself in the car listening to Sean [...]

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